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Operational Policy of Equipments
Based on the indents received from the Directorate of Heath Services, Directorate of Medical Education, and request from other agencies like the local bodies etc. and depending on the budget availability the procurement plan is prepared and finalized. There will be different level of users to prepare the Procurement list, Verify the same and to approve the plan. The quantity to be procured, the distribution to the warehouses and the supply schedule etc. are finalised at this stage and procurement plan is taken for the tendering.
 Operational policy with respect to different component is follows:
1) An Essential Equipment List may be formed which should consist of common and important medical equipment required for various department at various level. A state level multi-disciplinary committee may be formed which will decide the items to be included in EEL. The committee will also decide the specification for the items in EEL, the list will be dynamic in nature. The EEL may further divide in to two groups Group-A and Group-B. Group-A should consist of items those are relatively costly & require maintenance. Other equipments will be kept in Group –B.
2) CGMSC will keep active rate contracts for Group-A items (As done by CSIDC and DGS &D). The health facility may place order directly to the supplier based on their requirement and availability of fund with a formal intimation to CGMSC. This will be helpful in need based organized procurement and accountability sharing. In one hand rates of essential equipments so that whenever there is a need it can be procured easily and in other hand problems like non-availability of space/users/utility can be addressed by fixing accountability on the facility. Group – B items procurement should be de-centralized. CGMSC will be responsible for carrying out maintenance of Group –A equipments
3) CGMSC will also procure Non-Group-A item even the item which is/are not in EEL at recommendation of Secretary Health, provided total procurement (Estimated) for the item is worth more than Rs.15 lakhs. In such cases, following points should be adhered:
a) Indent should clearly indicate specification of item, Quantity, detail address of consignee and contact no. of competent person (should also be indicated).
b) Indent should be sent in both hardcopy (signed by Director) and online. Equipments specifications must be enclosed in MS-WORD or EXCEL format.
c) Before indenting equipments, the directorates must ensure site readiness and availability of competent person for operating the equipment.
d) If indent is for multiple equipments/items, the listing should be done on priority basis; highest priority equipment should be placed in Sl. No 1 and so on. Date before which the equipment is required should also be mentioned. This will be helpful in procurement planning.

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