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Operational Policy of Drugs/Surgical/Consumables
Based on the indents received from the Directorate of Heath Services, Directorate of Medical Education, and request from other agencies like the local bodies etc. and depending on the budget availability the procurement plan is prepared and finalized. There will be different level of users to prepare the Procurement list, Verify the same and to approve the plan. The quantity to be procured, the distribution to the warehouses and the supply schedule etc. are finalised at this stage and procurement plan is taken for the tendering.
 Operational policy with respect to different component is follows:
1) Annual indent for drugs should be submitted by 30th June of each year for next financial year. This indent should only include the drug required at facility    level which is to be dispensed to patients based on prescription (This will be called general indent).
2) CGMSC will maintain a buffer stock of 25 % (Of annual requirement) for the drugs indented by DHS. This will serve as contingent need in case of un-foreseen consumption, epidemics etc. Cost of this one time procurement will have to be borne by DHS/DME.
3) Corporation has developed an online indenting system (EDL drugs for health facilities). All health facility will be provided a log-in ID. With this login the       facility can enter annual requirement against the drugs allotted to the facility as per EDL norms (within a specified budget limit). Facilities must complete it by 15th June. Then after the concern directorate will review the indents and alters it for any or all facility if deemed necessary and submit it online latest by 30th June of each year.
4) Drugs required for National program, specific/special requirements, NRHM initiatives/program (i.e. SSM, WIFS etc.) Should be indented separately (This will be called special indent). This should also be submitted along with general indent i:e 15 July of each year for next financial year or at least 6 months prior to program implementation. Purchase order will be placed only after the 100 % fund is transferred to CGMSC. These drugs will be issued to CMHOs. Further distribution will be the responsibility of concerned CMHO.
5) Corporation will do doorstep delivery of above indented drugs up-to PHC level. Initially 6 month’s requirement of PHC and 4 months requirement of higher institutes will be distributed. There after consumption based stock refilling will be done periodically (3 month interval for PHC, 2 month for CHC and monthly for District hospitals/Medical colleges).
6) Liability for quantity of drugs procured by CGMSC based on any indent will remain with indenter. CGMSC will act as custodian and indenter has to pay full amount irrespective of lifting status/ consumption status of drugs or attainment of expiry due to non-lifting/ Non-consumption.
7) Drugs will be issued to facilities strictly based on indent bifurcation & budget allocation given by the directorate. For further requirement concern directorate can place a fresh indent.

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